Private Policy

We are delighted to welcome you here and wish you a relaxing stay.
To make your stay as nice as possible , we ask you to understand our place order and ask you the following rules , but unfortunately, the prohibitions to be observed:
1.We ask you upon your arrival to sign at the reception.
2.To wash laudry and dishes only in the designated facilities.
3.Mülltrennung is for us an important contribution to protecting the environment , please dispose of your waste in the appropriate containers in our
4.Wertstoffsammelstelle . We would like to point out that it is not allowed Spermüll as beds, chairs, grills etc in place to ensorgen !
5.Fäkalien and dirty water are in the facilities existing for it.
6.We always strive very to keep the washes clean.
7.Please help us in our own interest by your behavior.
8.Hunde please on a leash and do not allow swimming in the lake .
9.Hundebesitzer have to bear the full responsibility for their animals.
10.Es is not allowed to bring animals into the shower and in the toilets .
11.Boote , surfboards, etc. , please do not leave lying on the beach .
12.Angeln is exclusively permitted only in designated places.
13.Tages – and bathers and visitors are to report immediately to the front desk ( Paid ) . .
14.Fahren you on the course with your car please very slowly (10 km / h).
15.Vermeiden unnecessarily driving in place , especially during the general lunch from 12:00 until 14:00 clock .
16.Ruhezeiten : from 12:00 – 14:00 clock is siesta and 22:00 to 6:30 is sleep.
17.Während this time should be avoided and exits the car . If you should return after 22:00 clock , then please make your vehicle in the car park !
18.Für lost objects of any kind will not accept any liability .
19.The outlets intended containers are intended only for the resulting waste.
20.Open fire directly on the ground is strictly prohibited !

The above points will help you and all other
To make the guests stay at the beach camping south as pleasant as possible , so we thank you for your understanding.